I do not want you to live authentic.  I’m not asking you to live folk.  I’m not expecting you to quit your 9 to 5 and travel to far off lands.

I don’t want you to sell all your belongings and build a tiny house in the middle of the wilderness and spend the rest of your life quoting John Muir.

Unless, of course, any of that is exactly what you want to do. Then by all means - live as authentic as you damn well please.

I am not attempting to get you to live how I choose to live or work how I choose to work.

Last year, I spent a month in Paris and one night I went out with a few new Parisian friends.  We were talking about families and I explained that I’m sort of the outsider of my mid-western family.  For example, I love to travel.  I need to travel.  I need to be creative more often than the average bear and I am an absolutely miserable human being when I’m confined to an office.

My mom, on the other hand, was born and raised in the same town.  She’s had a 9 to 5 for as long as I can remember and she works harder than just about anyone I know.  She’s the epitomy of a home body and uses her vacation days to just...be home.

My new friend asked, “But who do you think is happier - her or you?”

I probably had the most confused face of anyone in Paris that night.  Because, here’s the thing (and what I said):

I would be miserable if I lived my life like my mom does.  And she would be miserable living like I do.

There is not one right way to do things.  The world needs people like me and the world needs people like my mom.  The world needs people to be their best selves - whatever that looks like.  There isn’t one right way to do this life thing, you know. How boring would that be?

My someday is the ultimate call for you to do you.  Whatever your someday is - it’s perfect.  I just want you to stop waiting on some day and go do it.

Great #mysomeday examples:

Someday, I want to:

• Attend a professional baseball game

• Try lobster

• Make a hat

• Speak fluent French

• Learn how to play Freebird on guitar

• Take boxing lessons

• Make the perfect Manhattan

• Build & live in a tiny house

• See an elephant in the wild

• Grill the perfect steak

• Skydive


Fill in the blank -

Someday, I’d like to _________________________________.

Whatever it is, do it.  Preferably some day soon.



In July, I'm taking my own advice and hitting the road in honor of #mysomeday! If you’d like a postcard from the road or to see other ways you can contribute to my someday, click here.