Stop Three: Yellowstone & The Grand Tetons

Our third stop on the road trip was Yellowstone & the Grand Tetons.  Have you been?  Because they're both unbelievable.

We had to drive through the park to get to the campground we were hoping to stay in.  But we got so side tracked by everything in the park on our drive through - we got to the campground way too late.  Every single campground was booked in both parks. (Insert panic mode here.)

We ended up driveway camping in Jackson Hole thanks to an angel Haley knew from college.

I fell in love every day we were here.  We had coffee and bagels in town before heading toward the campsite the next morning to claim our spot.  We met a lovely man at the bagel shop named Robbie.  He gave us great tips on the best way to experience the Tetons.  He even offered us his driveway if he ended up without a camp site again.

We ended up with a campsite.  Then went about exploring both parks. We floated, we adventured, we got stuck in Bison jams, we ate like campfire kings (still so grateful for that meal, Matt), we were awestruck, inspired, and all around stoked on life.

If you haven't been to Yellowstone or the Tetons, I highly, highly recommend going.  Words can't possibly explain it.  And photos will never do it any justice. 

But here's my best shot, anyway:

I still dream about this perfect morning.

We were worried we'd never see a bison.  Then we were stuck in a Bison jam for 2 hours. #worthit